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Clean Glass Windows

How To Clean Your Glass Windows

Your new windows are designed to last between 30 and 100 years, depending on your chosen material. Still, in all cases, it would not be unusual for well-maintained windows to have a life ...

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PAS2030:2019 Quality Assurance

We are very excited to announce that Insulating Windows has become one of the first and only (perhaps the only to date) window installation firms in the country to have achieved the quality ...

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Buying With Confidence

A lot has happened at Insulating Windows since my last post. Not least of which has been our achievement of PAS2030 approval. PAS2030 is a strict quality standard that most (nearly all) window ...

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December 2020 Update

Welcome to our new blog. We plan to update this regularly with news about our new products, general advice and tips on maintenance, getting the best from your existing products, and anything else ...

leader's council

James Mcbride from Insulating Windows Ltd becomes honorary member of the Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  Honorary Member of the Leaders Council The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of recognising the leadership figures who have helped keep the ...

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Insight Winter 2018

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Insight Autumn 2018

Insight Spring

Insight Spring 2018

Insight Winter 2017

Insight Winter 2017

Insight Summer 2017

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