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Residence Collection Windows

Here at Insulating Window, we fit the Residence 9 and the Residence 7 collection to customers throughout Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Amersham, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes, and the surrounding Hertfordshire towns.

Enjoy thermal efficiency and better home security with traditional aesthetics when it comes to our Residence Collection windows. Use our online contact form today to find out more about our Residence Collection windows.

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Residence Collection Windows

Thermally Efficient Residence Collection Windows

It’s no secret that energy prices are continuing to rise in the UK. More often than not, energy bills are the ones that we waste a lot of money on. That is why it is crucial to invest in high-quality double glazing. This can prove to be a time-consuming and challenging task for those who live in a period or listed building or a home that is situated in a heritage area.

Our Residence Collection windows meet the regulations set by local planning permissions and Building Regulations. You can opt for stunning traditional designs with amazing modern performance. This is perfect for homes in any area, new and old.

Keep the cold, wind and rain out of your home and keep your heating in with our incredibly energy efficient profiles. Unlike old designs, Residence Collection windows are internally beaded which aids in security as well as thermally efficiency too.

Double glazing is the most effective method at lowering your energy bills. This will help you to not only save money, but you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Help reduce your impact on the world and save yourself money in the process with the double glazed Residence Collection windows selection.

Residence 9 Windows

When designing these profiles, the brief was to take the key elements, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines for windows. This was then combined with leading technology in the industry by being constructed from almost maintenance free materials.

These boast high-quality thermal performance and sound insulation. Our R9 profiles achieve an A+ Windows Energy Rating and U-values as low as 0.8 with triple glazing and 1.2 for the double glazing. This exceeds the standard requirements from Building Regulations. Protect your home from the outside world with these Residence Collection windows.

Unlike their timber counterparts, these profiles will not bend, rot, warp, crack or twist. You can enjoy the little upkeep it takes to keep your windows looking as good as new.

Choose from a range of colours to fully customise your windows to match your home. Our timber effect profiles are perfect for your heritage home – there’s no need to worry about the red tape stopping you. Improve your home’s market value today with Residence Collection windows.

Residence 9 Windows

Residence 7 Windows

For a more modern finish, why not opt for one of our R7 windows from the Residence Collection windows. This stunning installation sash sits flush in the frame and has a modern aesthetic that is different from the R9 windows.

You can customise these profiles to achieve the personal designs that you want for your property. Choose from Cotswold Biscuit, Irish Oak, Rosewood and many other shades from our range of options.

Protect your property from the elements with the Residence Collection windows with unique market-leading features as well as performance. Enjoy low maintenance as you will have to wipe clean your profiles and they will look as if they have just been installed.

There are no sharp corners or deep grooves for dirt to become stuck in so you can rest easy knowing your windows will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Get in contact today to discuss our Residence Collection windows further.

Residence Collection Windows Prices 

If you would like a quote on our Residence Collection windows, then please use our online cost calculator. Here you will get a quote tailored to your specifications.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our team members, you can fill out our online contact form. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our Residence Collection windows or any of our other products and services we have to offer.

Insulating Windows are a double glazing company that has provided its services for customers in Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Amersham, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes and the surrounding Hertfordshire towns for over 30 years.

We do provide services outside of these areas so please do not hesitate to get into contact with us to see if we can help with your home improvement projects.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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