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The Benefits of Carports


A carport is an advanced shelter that can cover your car, bike or van against cold or wet weather. As opposed to garages, which often collect heat and dust in their closed spaces, a carport only uses a reinforced roof to improve ventilation.


 That way, you’ll get a more natural and less cumbersome build that offers the same benefits. Carports are superb aids for unloading the shopping with the family, cleaning the car and much more, thanks to their excellent weather protection.

Firstly, carports can put you in greater control of your home. While our weather is becoming more unpredictable, a carport can create a comfortable, covered environment all year round. 


You’ll also find that your carport stays weatherproof for years to come. You can coat your carport in either uPVC or aluminium to ensure a durable structure. Both of these materials are fully weatherproof, air and water-tight and require little-to-no maintenance. Not only that but building a carport won’t just create a space for collecting water. That’s because carports have gutter systems built into their design. Excess water will quietly pass through the internal drains and out of sight.


While carports may not provide an entirely built space, as a garage does, it offers other benefits garages can’t. In particular, carports have natural ventilation and freshness thanks to its open-plan design.


Additionally, it’s improbable you’ll need planning permission to install a carport into your home. That way, you can avoid the red tape of ensuring your build meets their complex standards. Finally, carports are also a cheaper option than garages while still offering similar benefits. Use our online contact form to send us a message about our installations.


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Carports Weather Protection and Maintenance



The main benefit of installing a carport for your home is its incredible weather protection. Your new build won’t just protect your vehicle from rain or snow. As well as that, you’ll create an outdoor space with a more comfortable temperature all year round.


You can install your carport with advanced double glazing that has superb insulation. That way, you’ll be able to generate warmth from your carport roof. In turn, you’ll make the dreaded morning walk from your home to your vehicle a much more comfortable one.


Carports are not just practical additions – they can look beautiful as well. You can install a carport with custom dimensions using our carport quote builder, and create a bespoke design that truly suits your home. Rest assured that your carport will also put protection first. As well as its internal gutter system, carports can also have pitched roofs to improve natural light and drainage. That way, your carport will be a gorgeous blend of style and usability.


Carports retain their performance for decades without needing to be maintained. Unlike some home improvements that require regular checking, we supply carports that use advanced, self-cleaning materials. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your new addition. Thanks to modern uPVC, aluminium and double glazing, you’ll only need to give your carport an occasional wipe down. Additionally, you can also benefit from toughened glass and reinforced materials to ensure your carport won’t break under stress.


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Carports From Insulating Windows

At Insulating Windows, we’re committed to getting you a fantastic deal on a brand new carport. We’ve been supplying gorgeous and bespoke carports for over 30 years, ensuring that you can have peace of mind in our quality products.


We’re proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader too. This privilege not only vindicates our values of loyalty and dedication but drives the team forward to maintain our reputation. Working with us, you’ll get a carport that offers fabulous benefits for your vehicle, home and family.


Adding a carport to your home shouldn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we make it straightforward to get in contact with us about installing a carport for your home.


Use our carports quote builder today, to get custom dimensions, materials and colours to create your perfect home improvement. You can get multiple quotes on a range of designs, and they’ll all be instant! You can also use our online contact form to ask us any questions about carports. We’ll offer advice and information for any queries.

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