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Secondary Glazing Hemel Hempstead

We are proud to install the highest quality secondary glazing in Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding area. Our secondary glazing comes from market leading suppliers Season Master and Incarnation Windows. Secondary glazing is a great alternative to double glazing, improving your home’s energy efficiency, heat retention and sound proofing.

Our expert installers fit secondary glazing to match your home’s style and architecture. It’s a great investment for older or traditional properties with building regulations that prevent new windows from going in. Secondary glazing bypasses all planning restrictions and helps heritage homes increase energy efficiency and lower running costs.

We install a product that can reduce noise pollution by 75%, achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m²K and cuts out all draughts. Our secondary glazing is the ideal solution for homeowners who do not want double glazing but need to improve their property’s thermal efficiency. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our secondary glazing installation and how it will help enhance your home.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

Secondary glazing creates a highly effective thermal barrier that reduces heat transfer. That means you can enjoy a more stable, comfortable environment in your Hemel Hempstead home – throughout the year. You will stay warmer in summer and cooler in winter. It ensures you will not rely on your central heating as much, therefore lowering your energy costs for good. This is a great feature as energy prices continue to skyrocket, making secondary glazing a cost effective investment for the long term.

Our secondary glazing can achieve U-values as low as 1.8 W/m²K, ensuring less heat enters or leaves your home. It’s a brilliant way to regulate your living space and home, making you more comfortable and enhancing your quality of life.

Not only will you save money, but you will reduce your carbon footprint as you use less energy. Secondary glazing means you will waste less energy and help protect the planet – it is a winning combination for every home in Hemel Hempstead.


secondary glazing hemel hempstead

secondary glazing hemel hempstead


Sound Reduction

Secondary glazing is highly effective at reducing noise pollution from the outside world. You can enjoy a more peaceful, quiet home – a sanctuary in the busy modern world. If your home is near a busy road or under a flight path, secondary glazing is a game changer.

Our premium installations can reduce noise by up to 75%, making a whole world of difference. According to recent surveys, loud music is the biggest source of noise pollution that bothers homeowners. That’s why secondary glazing is the ideal solution to any noisy neighbours or nearby pubs and clubs that generate noise at times when you want to sleep. Not only is secondary glazing a great solution for homeowners, but commercial venues that create loud sounds can install secondary glazing to reduce the noise they emit. It’s a great way to ensure a more peaceful neighbourhood and diffuse any tensions created by noise pollution.

We install secondary glazing into both residential and commercial properties – meeting your exact needs.

secondary glazing

Eliminate Draughts

Older traditional and heritage homes experience performance problems due to their windows. Draughty windows with single glazing create discomfort and send chills down the spine. Often there are building regulations that prevent new double glazed windows from being installed – that’s where secondary glazing comes in. It is the best solution for homeowners looking for a more cost effective way to cut out draughts and stay comfortable.

We install cutting edge secondary glazing with tight tolerances that keep out cold air and dust while retaining more heat. The installation ensures your windows resist air penetration and keeps you comfortable throughout the year. This makes secondary glazing an essential investment for homes that get cold and draughty in winter. Cold air will not seep through your windows with our advanced secondary glazing – it is a highly effective thermal barrier that prevents draughts.

Secondary glazing is great for summer, too. When your living space gets too hot, and you turn up your air conditioning, our installations prevent cool air inside from escaping. Secondary glazing reduces hot summer air from entering your home, meaning you will not have to rely on your air conditioning or fans as much. You will save money on any cooling energy costs – another reason why secondary glazing makes sense for draughty properties in Hemel Hempstead.


Bespoke Secondary Glazing

Our expert installers can fit secondary glazing into a wide range of windows and architectural builds. We work to complement your home’s style, ensuring a seamless fit that looks perfect every time. We can fit fixed panels, slimline hinged panels and lift out units – giving you a great choice of secondary glazing styles to suit your needs.


Secondary glazing adds another layer of security to your home, making your property more secure. Intruders will find it more difficult to break in, with our installations featuring multipoint locking systems that keep you and your family safe.

Secure Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Prices Hemel Hempstead

We are proud to offer competitive prices on our range of secondary glazing. Our advanced installations are guaranteed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and lower running costs in the long term. Secondary makes a great investment, improves performance, saves money and enhances your quality of life.

Get in touch today to learn more about how our secondary glazing will enhance your home. Fill out our online form, and we will get back to you quickly, or you can call us on 01442 230 376 at our Hemel Hempstead office. If you wish to reach our Guildford office, please call 01483 346 424. We look forward to hearing from you.

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