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House Extensions Guildford

Enhance your home in Guildford with a bespoke house extension. Expanding your space is easy as we tailor the finished look to your specifications. Enjoy a brand new room that can be suited to either domestic or commercial properties.

We give you flexibility in designing every element of the house extension. Our range of extension styles, roofing option and colours will give you the chance to tailor the look to match your aesthetic. We also have a selection of windows and doors, as well as a unique range of hardware accessories.

Made with innovative double glazing, house extensions are secure, energy-efficient and durable. This means you can enjoy a comfortable, safer space for years to come. Get a free house extension quote today for a bespoke price.

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Thermally Efficient

Improve your Guildford home in more ways than one. Our extensions come with energy-saving double glazing, with the option the upgrade to triple glazing. This works to prevent heat loss out of the extension, keep it at the perfect temperature all year round.

With excellent insulation and innovative materials, you can keep your home warm without needing your central heating. With this, you can benefit from lower energy bills over time, making our house extensions incredibly cost-effective.

By utilising your existing heating, you can help promote sustainability. As your house produces fewer carbon emissions, you will start to make a more positive environmental impact. Help the eco-system when you choose our top-class house extensions.


The security of our Guildford customers is our top priority. That’s why each house extension is integrated with a range of safety features. The doors and windows are designed with multipoint locking mechanisms, made to prevent forced entry from occurring. No matter the force, the locks will keep your home safe and protected.

The double glazing we use also acts as a security feature. The glass is made to withstand strong winds and rain without damage. As well as this, the glass is internally beaded meaning it cannot physically be removed from the outside. You won’t have to worry about break-ins into our house extensions.

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We understand each customer in Guildford has their own unique style. That’s why we give you creative freedom in designing the house extensions. You could choose to add stunning aluminium bifold doors to make a statement. Or you may opt for traditional french doors for a continental touch to the home improvement.

Tailor the roof to your preference. You can choose from our solid, tiled or glass roofs depending on how much privacy and light you want. You can match the colour of this to your existing decor, or go for a bolder option. Our colours are fabricated with a durable finish, ensuring they retain their just-like-new appearance.

As well as this, you can decide on the finest details for the house extension. We offer a wide range of hardware accessories, includes handles and even hinges. We want you to be satisfied with the finished look, which is why we work closely with you every step of the way.

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House Extension Prices Guildford

Improve your Guildford property today with our stunning house extensions. Each product is made-to-measure, meaning prices can vary.

Start by using our incredible house extensions quoting engine. It puts all the choices at your fingertips so that you can craft a bespoke design. Then, we’ll provide you with an instant quote for your ideas.

You can also use our online contact form to ask us any questions you might have on house extensions. A member of our team will answer them with the best possible advice.

As well as that, you can ring us on 01442 230 376 today. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas in detail.

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