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PAS2030:2019 Quality Assurance

We are very excited to announce that Insulating Windows has become one of the first and only (perhaps the only to date) window installation firms in the country to have achieved the quality standard of PAS2030:2019. 

Last year we managed to achieve the lower grading of PAS2030:2017, which is no mean feat, but we have worked incredibly hard to reach the highest level of PAS2030, which is the 2019 version. 

What does this mean?

PAS 2030 is a British Standards Institute (BSI) standard that sets out the requirements for installing, commissioning, and handing over energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in domestic retrofit projects. The new standard aims to ensure the quality of work and reassurance to the customer. 

Insulating Windows are committed to helping homeowners and businesses work toward carbon-neutralising measures, and we have worked very hard to become one of the leading retrofit installers in our industry. We aim to continue leading the way in retrofit installation to improve energy efficiency and try to help reduce the carbon emissions that damage the environment. 

We are particularly pleased with ourselves because very few businesses in our industry sector have managed to achieve the standard so far, especially the new 2019 version, which is more focused on retrofit coordination than the previous 2017 version.

If you would like to know more about the standard, what it means for you as a customer, and why you can trust Insulating Windows to be a conscientious installation business focused on the best quality of service and products, as well as unrivalled customer care, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to arrange an appointment with one of our experts. 

Our contact details are or 01442 230376 for our head office. 

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